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As you can see we have built a new BuschFire website for 2016.

We are still focusing on Great Big Gun, but we have added a few thing.  The new key items are our Tutorial Blog and our Business Blog.  We wanted to share a few more ideas we had with you and needed a better setup to do it.

Great Big Gun has been a grind.  We are currently finding creative ways to finance its development.  We took some time away to gain some perspective and refocus.  It’s working.  In the process of refocusing, we found that too much time on one thing can be a problem.  As you can see, we are now looking at the depth of our expertise as a whole and sharing it with you.

We have a lot to offer in the world of business.  We have worked for different companies, both good and bad, and would like to share some of those experiences.  We have learned somethings through trail and error, and would like to spare you the “fun”.  We have also stumbled across some information gems in our research that we will be expanding upon through our blog.

Working on only one game is difficult and staying focused is a challenge.  We all have side projects that we play around with and will be sharing some of those development experiences.  These projects involve web page design, productivity app design, Unity3D games and experiments with the Unreal Engine.  Those will be explored in the Tutorial blog.

We hope you like it.

If you have anything to share please contact us at info@buschfire.com.


Ian Busch
BuschFire Development